Director's Message

With immense pleasure, I pen down a welcome note to all the users of School’s website. As a user, either as a parent, a student, a staff member or anyone else___ you definitely want a deeper insight into the learning environment of our exciting world. You can navigate through our website in order to have a better understanding of how we develop strategies, provide plans, revamp curriculum and set organisational goals.
Since its’ very inception till today, and since each child’s formative years till tomorrow, the school aims to provide a unique set of values, commitment, confidence and infrastructure. Learning is no longer restricted to the text book, rather it is processed through LCDs, conceptual activities and worksheets.
Nonetheless, this is my firm belief that teamwork, prudence, self-discipline and devotion are some of the elements of practice that we should observe as our organizational culture. My sincere thanks to the Campus In charges, Academic In charges, teachers and other staff members without whom these successes - big or small - would not be possible.
Once again, do browse through the Website as it continues to inspire, encourage and stimulate you. I, hereby, wrap up with the slogan that "merit shall not be compromised at any cost."

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