Siddeeqeen Educational Network (SEN) with it's over 40 years of excellence, has incepted seventeen campuses under the umbrella of ‘The Prep School’  
system. The cited campuses are opened in twin cities. All the campuses  
are working in collaboration with SEN and are owned by Siddeeqeen families  
who agreed to comply with the stipulated standards, set by the  
management of Siddeeq Public School. Being a non-profit organisation,  
the management of SEN manages the with any of the financial  
responsibilities of the campuses but only with the academic and administrative  
responsibilities of the campuses and does not have any role in any of the financial matters. With the Grace of Allah Almighty, each campus of TPS  
is facilitated with:

  • Purpose-built Classrooms
  • Centralized Module for the Design, Plan and Provision of Workbooks
  • Multimedia-Enabled Classrooms
  • Well worked-out Supply of Teachers' Resource
  • Spacious Auditorium
  • Diversified Co-curricular Activities and Events
  • Well equiped Video Conference room
  • Hygienic Water
  • Security Cameras, Guards and Student ID cards
  • Centralized Module for the Operation of different clubs / courses i.e., Mediaclub      Mindful Lifestyle , etc
  • Spacious and Well-EquippedPlay Areas
  • Parents’ Seminars and Correspondance Platforms

  • Most of all, the entire teaching and non-teaching faculty is hired and owned by SEN.  
    The deeply committed and professionally sound faculty gives to the school an  
    academic aura. The faculty not only excels in it's teaching strategies but also keeps  
    the school abreast of the latest trends and developments in science and technology.  
    There are also accomplished trainers and developers in respective areas of interest.  

    In Collaboration with

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